In light of COVID-19, we are doing our best to keep our doors open so that we can continue to serve the pets in our community.  Due to the strain on staffing that COVID has caused, we have modified our hours.  We are working toward expanding our availability as soon as we are able.

We are accepting new patients, but will need to prioritize existing clients and sick patients when scheduling.  All new clients MUST complete the Registration form BEFORE the first appointment.


We are taking heightened safety precautions during this time to protect both yourself and our staff.  We have adopted a curbside check-in process and are not able to have clients in the building at this time.   When you arrive at the hospital please wait inside of your vehicle and call 626-799-5900. Please notify us if you are here for an appointment or to pick up medication. 


If you are arriving for a scheduled appointment, a technician will come out to collect your pet and bring them inside of the hospital. We require you to wear a face-covering during any staff interactions, such as the exchange of your pet with the technician.  Please limit the in-person interaction time with our staff during the exchange of your pet, to a brief interaction only.  We will call you to discuss in-depth all pertinent information relating to your pet's care.  

We are only accepting payments using credit cards, Care Credit or Scratch Pay. At this time, we are not accepting cash. We do not accept checks.

Please inform our staff if there’s any possibility of illness in your household in order for us to take the necessary precautions.

Thank you for your continued support, kindness and understanding during these challenging times. 


Doctors' appointment times vary.
We are available by appointment only. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has put a significant strain on our staffing and supply chain. We have modified our hours until further notice to:

MONDAY                 8am - 6pm

TUESDAY                8am - 6pm


THURSDAY             8am - 6pm

FRIDAY                    8am - 6pm

SATURDAY                CLOSED

SUNDAY                    CLOSED

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